ps4 controller not working

Troubleshooting 5 Common PlayStation 4 Controller issues

Since the main fear of PS3 users is the death of their precious console, I have been visiting forums for a few days, reading a lot of posts and consulting surveys and I have created this mega-study so that people can get an idea of what the causes may be of damage to our consoles. Also how to solve these faults. Notice that this study is only indicative, that nobody takes it literally because it is nothing scientific or technical, I have only done based on data collected from various forums of PS3.

Many of the users have a query of why my ps4 won’t turn on and it starts flickering. Some of the issues with the ps4 are discussed and are solved out in this article. You can get the solution if your play station 4 won’t turn on with this article. One of the main causes of failure of our console is the dreaded yellow light. This is caused by two problems, one of them is a failure of one of the components and the other overheating, although the one can lead to the other, better let’s see it in parts.

my ps4 won’t turn on

Failure by Components:

  • The failure by components can occur due to deterioration of the Power Supply or also due to failure in the welding of some internal component.
  • The power supply usually deteriorates due to significant increases or decreases in voltage (especially rises) or unexpected cuts in the power supply.


-Console in Guarantee: SAT

-A console without Guarantee: Send to specialized stores, repair ourselves replacing the Power Supply if that is the problem. In case of not being this and being one of the welds, we will be able to use the known method of the dryer that will make the console work only a few days or weeks to return to give the same problem.

-Failure due to heating:

This failure is caused by excessive use of the console and an over a temperature of this. The welds do not withstand these temperatures and deteriorate producing the malfunction of some component and therefore deterioration with the corresponding yellow light.

How to avoid Overheating.

  • Having the console well ventilated especially by the top (if we have the console in vertical) and rear. In areas where there are no high temperatures and leaving at least 10 or 20 centimeters on each side of the console.
  • There has been talked and much about what is the position that should have the console to not overheat but apparently those who are lying tend to overheat that those in an upright position. Here you have thermal images:
  • A console without Guarantee: Send to specialized stores. Use the well-known dryer method that will make the console work only a few days or weeks to give the same problem again.
  • -Other failures with yellow light.

In some cases, the console will turn off after playing for a while giving the three beeps and then turning on the yellow light error. Sometimes the console has had an internal problem and this error is solved by turning off the console for a few minutes and letting its components cool down. They tend to be minimal errors caused by alterations within the Hardware of said console and after a few minutes of rest, the console returns to work correctly.


The second most known error of our console. It occurs due to wear of the lens of said console. The symptoms start when it takes too long to load the games or when we see that only read some type of games or disc formats such as DVD etc, if those symptoms start to occur in our console is that the end of our reader arrives.

A console without Warranty: Take to repair to the specialized store. Replacing the lens ourselves, buying it online and changing it to the one with the console, is not difficult. There have also been cases in which the lens had not deteriorated, if not the channel on which the lens moves had been worn or dirty, only cleaning the channel the console works properly again.


In the forum conduct a study among PS3 users who had and who had breakdowns to see statistically that were the most frequent breakdowns and when these failures had occurred, these are the results:

-DE the respondents 60% had a PS3 of 40 or 80GB while the other 40 had a PS3 of 60GB.

-60% of the respondents suffered the fault within the guarantee period while the other 40 had already passed said period.

– 71% of respondents have suffered the lens failure error while the remaining 29% suffered the yellow light error in their consoles.

-Of all those who suffered the error of the yellow light in their console, 85% happened to them within a few minutes of having started playing while the rest happened to them when they had a long time playing on their console.

-55% of respondents who suffered damage to their consoles had these lying down while the remaining 45% had them upright.


This method does not solve the damage of the console but you can make it work for several days and even serve you if you have been in a game and you want to remove it and not send the console to repair with the game inside.

Before doing this method remove the hard disk from the console to avoid the deterioration of this.

This method is the simplest and easiest, with any dryer and the PS3 disconnected from the light, hot air is poured through the back grilles of the console for 4-6 minutes moving the dryer from one side to the other of the grids (the wrinkled plastic and it will become soft, do not touch it). When you finish, let the console cool down for 10-15 minutes It

May happen that:

  1. The console turns on … Perfect and always stays that way
  2. The console has been turned on, but it has been turned off. Turn it on all the times until it goes out.
  3. After performing the dryer method, do not turn on 1 time … Do the dryer method again …

– Professional method.

Much more complicated than the previous one, only for professionals, here I leave the two explanatory videos to perform this method you will need the following:

  • A heat gun that exceeds 350 ºC
  • Thermal Basket (Silver Arctic 5 etc)


  • Here you have the video of how to replace the Blu-Ray reader of the PS3, it is very simple.
  • Here the step-by-step tutorial.


The first thing will be to see in this web ( the disassembly tutorial of the PS3. It is not necessary to remove the hard disk and dismantling it until you reach the reader, it is not necessary to dismantle anything else.
You have to have the console like this:

Being careful not to pull the cable from the disk detection device, take the top of the block and lift it up by turning it to the left (with the reader facing us), as if we were opening a book (be careful not to touch the mechanism). “swallow” the discs (in red) because if we move them from place then it can be difficult to put them back well, ok) and we leave it on the table like this:

We focus on the lens. It is necessary to remove 4 screws (in red), these fix the fixators of the guides (in green) that you also have to remove by doing a bit of leverage with a small flat screwdriver or with a cuter, but carefully, with little force come out. Then we remove the sticker (in orange) that covers the end of the band of the lens and its fixation, to be able to open the tab that fixes the strip:

When we have already removed all this the guides and the lens come out easily:

Once we have it in our hands, it is necessary to remove two pieces (in red) to put them on the new one and it is NOT necessary to desolder any antistatic protection since this lens does not have any, ok !!

  • Let’s take these two pieces, assemble them in the new one and make the assembly following the steps of disassembly upside down.
  • Before closing the reader completely put some lubricant in the lens guides, I use this:
  • Once assembled the reader and installed on the PS3 we do the test that everything works correctly:
  • Once checked, we can close our PS3
  • Finally, I leave some sites of interest.