SEO Enthusiast Should know

SEO every SEO Enthusiast Should know

Some points for SEO Enthusiast for SEO of any website. If you follow these points on a website then I think your website can go up (on the first page or may be of the first rank).

1. Keyword research:

You have to find out how people would search Google for your offer. You can start by using the Google Adwords keywords research tool to find out how many people actually search for specific terms.
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2. Keyword rich domain:

Once you find out what terms people are searching for, try to get a related web address. This web address is known as your domain. .COM is highly recommended. You will want your address to look like this:

SEO Enthusiast Should know

3. The right platform: WordPress:

You can build your site any way you choose. However, if you are looking for something both user AND Google friendly-then you should choose WordPress. The plugins, ease of use and general search engine love is a great advantage.

4. Permalinks:

Make sure you change your permalinks in your WordPress settings. This is key, you want to make sure your permalinks include post titles. I like choosing a custom structure: /%postname%/.
in SEO permalinks is more important,

5. SEO plugin:

One of the best things about WordPress is you can easily add functionality to your website through the use of plugins. Two of the most popular and helpful SEO plugins are Yoast and all-in-one SEO pack.

6. Quality content:

While there are ways to try and confuse Google, the reality is nothing will beat great original content. Remember to create your web content for your readers, make it something they would want to pass around. Content is king. Add it regularly.

Quality content

7. Social media:

For every piece of content, you create, make sure you blast it to your social media sites. Twitter and Facebook are musts. This will not only help with SEO, it can directly boost your traffic.
Business with Social media

8. Backlinks:

The above steps should lead to some solid on-page SEO. While things are constantly changing in SEO circles, one thing to be sure of is that high-quality backlinks to your website count! If you have some downtime, build quality links to your quality content!

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