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Roku.com/link | Roku com link Support

Roku is one of the most illustrious streaming devices in the world today. Facing a stiff competition from the likes of Google and Apple, roku.com/link was able to make its own special place in the streaming industry. With an easy access to a boatload amount of channels, Roku is undoubtedly the number one choice for the entertainment seekers. The association of the company with various top channels like HBO Go, YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer and much more has given a new dimension to the company’s ability to showcase high-quality digital content. Also, the provision given by the company to its users to add or remove roku channels according to their choices and requirements is really a spectacular feature. Whenever there is an issue with the Roku device, the necessity of a technical support becomes inevitable, which is perhaps the reason why we have come up with our own version of Roku technical support, i.e., roku com link Help.

We at Roku Help have a team of zealous tech support professionals who are proficient in both, hardware and software aspects of all versions of the Roku. With the main focus on the quality and performance, we work incessantly in order to achieve our goals of delivering prompt and precise tech support to our customers.

For a reliable, cost-effective and result-oriented Roku support, there is no better tech support provider than us. Starting with the proper analyzation of the problem(s), we take a systematic approach in order to come to the root cause of the issue and thus, implementing the most suitable solutions. Our support services are at par with www Roku com support, therefore we guarantee flawless support without any delays or excuses.

Technical support for your Roku player


  • Setting up Roku player:

    We provide all assistance regarding Roku account setup. We provide accurate details regarding the configuration of the Roku player. Using our tech support will help you install the Roku player in the easiest of the ways.

  • Channel Support:

    Having trouble adding and/or customizing channels in the Roku player? Give us a call and we will sort out these issues in the most comprehensive way.

  • Support for Roku Streaming Stick:

    We are proficient in Roku set up, regardless of the model. We can set up the streaming stick with your Wi-Fi without any issue.

Why Choose Us?

We at Roku Help have a team of tech geeks who have a knack for delivering outstanding services to those who are using Roku players. We don’t just resolve the issue(s), but we impart the knowledge as well so that when the same problem occurs (though a rare chance), our customers have the knowledge to get rid of the problem on their own. With a promise to provide the same support as it is provided at www Support Roku com. At support.roku.com we undergo a painstaking research on both, old and new versions of the Roku player. Salient features of our support.

  1. Round-the-clock support:

    We don’t just any ordinary Roku support, but our support is beyond the conventional protocols of a tech support and beyond any time constraints. Call us any time of the day and you are going to get the best solution for the problem that you’ve been facing in the Roku player.

  2. Educating customers of the issue(s):

    We consider ourselves a highly professional and a responsible company, therefore we are ready to impart the knowledge to the customers as to what has caused the issue(s) in their Roku players.

  3. Affordable Services:

    We render our services at a very affordable price, so choosing us will definitely not burn a hole in the pocket of our customers, instead they get services, which will be worth their hard-earned money.

Roku.com/link | Roku com link

Please enter the Roku com link code displayed on your TV

Roku com link code


Roku or Roku Streaming Player basically designs the set-off box or Streaming Player manufactured by Roku Inc. Roku covers the worldwide era which it sells the product and people over there enjoy the products. Roku is basically a streaming player used to watch videos, listen to music watch TV Channels or Roku includes both paid as well as free channels. You may connect the Roku device either via a LAN Cable (Ethernet) or Wireless through your Wireless Router. You may use the HDMI cable, audio cable and video cable in order to connect the Roku Device with Television. You may watch the videos in High Quality i.e, HQ Video Quality which is the most advanced technology in the market.


will help you by providing the information about the Roku Activation or Roku Link Code issues which may be faced by most of the users of Roku Streaming Player.

My Roku Link helps you in activating the product by assuring the best knowledge about the Roku and Roku related products and how to activate the Roku Device by roku.com/link?

Types of Roku Devices

There are four types of Roku Device which are available in the market manufactured by Roku Inc. The types are as follows:-

  • Roku Premiere +
  • Roku Ultra
  • Roku Television (TV)
  • Roku Express +

Among these four types of Roku Devices, Roku Ultra is one of the best and highly recommended device as it covers almost all the features which you may enjoy.

Roku.com/link or Roku Com Link Activation

In order to activate the Roku, please follow the following steps in order to get started with Roku Activation Code:

  • Initially please connect the Roku Streaming Player with Television using HDMI Cable, audio or video cable.
  • Turn on the TV and Roku Device using Roku Remote Control which comes up with the Roku Device.
  • Connect the Roku device with Internet either using the LAN (Ethernet) Cable which is coming from the router or you may also connect it Wireless by selecting the Access Point (SSID) or Password of the Router.
  • When you click on Next after connecting via Internet, Activation Screen will appear on the screen which will show you the 5 digit Activation Code and the link i.e, com/linkor my.roku.com/link on which you may activate the code.
  • Please use your Laptop, Computer or SmartPhone and open the browser and go to URL com/link and the screen will appear where the box is mentioned to enter the code to link.

  • Enter the code mentioned on your TV screen and click on Submit.
  • On the next screen, it will ask you to login or sign up with Roku. If you are already a Roku customer just sign in using your own credentials including email id and password or if you are not the existing customer you may sign up with Roku by creating the account using your existing home or professional email id and password of your own choice.

  • Once you are logged into the account it will ask you to select the channels. You may select the channels of your own choice. They are either paid or free channels. You may be charged for the channels which you select.

  • Please add your card by providing the card details in the next window.

Common Issues which Customers faced in roku.com/link setup Process

There are some issues which Roku customers face while activating the Roku Products. As activation part is easy but there are some errors which are generally faced during Activation of Roku Streaming Player which are discussed as below:-

  • Purple Screen or HDCP Unauthorised message.
  • Cannot see the video.
  • Audio related issues.
  • Not getting it on or turn on the issue.
  • Problems with Roku Remote.
  • Remote keys miss.
  • Software related issues.
  • Roku Activation Screen not appearing.
  • Internet Connectivity issue.
  • Login related issues.
  • Playback related issues.
  • Red light flashing or low power warning.
  • Device too hot Warning.
  • Wireless Network Setup issues.
  • com/link or Roku Activation issues.
  • Invalid PIN Code.

There are some errors which also occurs during roku.com/link process which is discussed as below:-

  • Error Code-001:- 

    These are is basically related to the gap between router and Roku Device as it must be below 15-20 Feet. It is generally depending upon the Router configuration if it is highly configured router then it must have good wireless strength otherwise make sure that the gap should be 15-20 Feet.

  • Error Code-011 or Error Code-014:- 

    It occurs due to Wrong W/L Passwordas Router Credentials must be valid in this case.

  • Error Code-003 or Error Code-009:- 

    It occurs due to more than one device is connected to the router. And Roku Device is not getting a required speed on which it works. For fixing this error, you must disconnect the other devices. Use the router with the maximum compatibility or divide the speed of router accordingly.

Note:- Just feel free to contact us at any time as we are available 24*7 for Great or Reliable Assistance. You can contact us at roku.com/link or you may call us toll-free or you can just live chat with us in order to get help in fixing any kind of Roku related issues.

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